Monday, July 29, 2013

Reyna: IP Rondalla's Youngest Member

The iconic Philippine "Jeepney" similar to the one that Reyna and the IP Rondalla kids rode while in the provinces.

Here's a little interview I conducted with Reyna, the youngest member of the IP Rondalla tour. She is so excited to share her jeepney and food experience with you!

Reyna with her "tarsier" neck pillow busy playing
videogames while en route to Cebu from
Tagbilran, Bohol on a fast, twin hull ferry boat. 
"Hi. I'm Reyna. I'm five years old. My brother does Rondalla. He's in the group and he plays the guitar. I don't play in the rondalla, but I'm a member of IP. I went with the rondalla group on all of the bus rides. 

"I love riding the jeepney, because there is no door but there's a railing that you can hold on to at the top. It had different colors on it. There were two sides, and one side facing the other side, and you can see on the other side of the window, but the people sitting there have to twist their head back to see outside. 

"They were telling stories in the bus, like my dad searched for some stories about Manila and read it to the group. In one of the buses, we had foot rests and tables and then we didn't go to Jollibee, but we got Jollibee stuff from somewhere. 

"One day, I went to McDonalds for breakfast, and I had pancakes, and I had pineapple juice. And one day when I was at COA, I had a delivery from Jollibee, and I had chicken with rice and gravy. And for my drink, I had water. I like Jollibee because they had chicken and gravy, and with the chicken. It's different from American because in the Philippines, everybody speaks Tagalog, and in Massachusetts, people speak English. My mother or my dad speaks tagalog for me, so I go with my mom or dad to order or I stay at the table while they order. 

"Trips are fun because if you're going somewhere, you should always hold somebody's hand, and if you don't hold somebody's hand, and you're suppose to, you might get lost. 
I'll see you soon." - Reyna

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