Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 10th: UP Diliman College of Music

The UP College of Music poster featuring the IP Rondalla and UP TUGMA
Nolen and Elizabeth playing "Manang Biday/Ti Ayat" during the performance at the UP College of Music

Hey Pinoy Jeep Blog Followers,

Happy Birthday Ceci! You're finally 13, which means you're a teenager!
We've finally reached UP Diliman for a performance at the College of Music! First lunch was served by Ceci's relatives. There was a special cake made for Ceci's birthday which will happen in a couple of days. She will FINALLY be 13! Welcome to Teenagerdom! Then after a little rest, we had a mini tour of campus on a Jeepney! The Jeepney became a popular form of transportation after World War II. When the Americans left the Philippines they left their jeeps which Filipinos adopted for their public transport. The engines are all recycled from other vehicles and installed in the Jeepney. Sierra's dad, Tito Tom, gave us a little tour around the UP Diliman campus from the jeepney. It was hard to see outside the window, since we had to turn our bodies 180 degrees to see outside, but from what I could see, UP Diliman looked like a tropical version of a university in the states! I could not imagine how such a beautiful and idyllic campus could be tucked within the bustling streets of Quezon City. I guess there's still so much more of the Philippines I have yet to discover. :)

Then we got ready for the show. It was a little bit squished in the dressing room, but we made do! When we were ready, we snuck all the way around and up to the back of the auditorium where we had two rows of seats reserved for us so we could watch the group before us. The first part of the show was performed by the students of UP Diliman. The head of the group introduced the group in another language before she performed. My friend asked her how she did it, and she said that she translated word-for-word what she wanted to say into the archaic language that she sang-sung for us. It was so cool! Then, the TUGMA began dancing and playing the kulintang and gongs. The precision at which they played the notes on their instruments was superb! When it came close to our time, we snuck back down and around backstage to get read for our set!

After riding the Jeepney around the UP Diliman
 campus with our wonderful tour guide, Tom Jamir
The show included two of our less often played numbers: Mandolin Concerto, a classical piece by Vivaldi, and Tico Tico, a Brazilian piece to which the Rondalla members not playing the song have choreographed an elaborate Latin-esque dance. The auditorium at UP Diliman was great for these small group songs, since it could pick up almost everything without a microphone! One funny moment during the performance was when Ceci had to make do with a makeshift ribbon made from several pieces of yellow cloth wrung together. Before the performance, she had lost her usual ribbon. It was quite amusing to see her forcefully swing her ribbon so that it would make the circles and waves it was suppose to make..

After the show, we got a chance to mingle with some of the students from UP Diliman. Incredible, talented voices, and fun jokesters, too!

After a late night, all of us were hungry and tired. We headed back to the COA dorm and took the opportunity to use the WiFi while waiting for dinner and our meeting regarding the next day. After several phone calls, we finally got some pizza to chow down on from Shakey's and got our final remarks about the plans for tomorrow. Oh, what a night! ^.^

Karina Dube

Eating a hearty lunch courtesy of the Villasenor family!
The beautiful stage of UP Diliman. Probably the best acoustics we've had so far!

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