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July 4th: Resorts World

GMA Musika at Kuturang Pilipino,buhay na buhay sa Rondalla concert ng ilang kabataang Fil-Am

Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Nathan Rippin here, you have probably seen my picture in a news article (front page with President Aquino at the Inquirer newspaper). You won't miss me as I am usually that tall guy in the of the pluses that comes with being vertically gifted. I go to Burlington High School in Burlington, Massachusetts.

The Resorts World stage was as tall as a small building, as wide as three school buses, and as deep as a dam. When we walked on stage, the "oohs" and "ahhs" were numerous as the seats in the audience. We made it. The dream to perform on a stage of that magnitude is one only conceived in fantasies. We arrived on site at 13:00. We were met by our wonderful stage hands. During our rehearsals the day prior, we practiced with Rachel Alejandro (Kay Ganda ang Ating Musika), and Celeste Legaspi (Saranggola ni Pepe). 

Nolen Dube with Jim Paredes going over "Marry You"
Resort World Stage getting ready for showtime
When we were running through the show, blocking and playing through songs, we played with Jon Joven (Broadway Medley), Ryan Cayabyab (Paraiso), and Jim Paredes (Ewan/Marry You). When we had some down time, it was fun to talk to the other artists about things only they would know. For example, the boys asked Jim Paredes how he composed a five minute song in just three minutes. Janrey even asked them to sign his guitar!

20:00, curtain time. Walking on stage in full costume then waiting for the humongous, red curtain to rise was fun and scary at the same time. There was light music playing on the monitors from the outside, which helped alleviate the butterfly feeling in my stomach. And knowing our group, all of us ended up dancing to this elevator music. However, once the curtains came up, we got down to business. Performing was a blast. Interacting with the audience and seeing their faces light up with each song we played made our first performance memorable and exciting. Being able to play with some of the most famous artists in the Philippines on the same stage is a once in a lifetime experience. As the curtains began to close during our final song, "He's a Pirate/Carry On," we could see the audience lighting up with joy because of our music. Finally, when the red curtains closed, it hit me. This is not a dream, it is something much better than that. It is a experience that will never be forgotten. 

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PhilSTAR IP Rondalla at Resorts World

Nathan Rippin 

The Most Precious Guitar in the World

July 4th was one of the biggest shows we've ever performed. Resorts World in Manila provided the best facilities in order for us to have a successful performance. They provided a fancy dressing room for both the boys and girls. We even have our own hairstylists to make our funky hair. The stage where we performed was enormous. But best of all (well at least in my opinion) is the famous celebrities we were able to meet! Jim Paredes, Celeste Lesgaspi, Maritess Salientes, Rachel Alejandro, Jon Joven, and Ryan Cayabyab were the artists we were able to perform with. It was an amazing experience that I cannot vocalize in words. Since I am probably never going see these famous people ever again, I decided to get their autographs before they left. But I didn't want them to sign a piece of paper; I wanted them to sign my guitar! I got everyone to sign my guitar EXCEPT for Ryan Cayabyab, which I still regret to this day. He was right in front of me when I had the chance to ask him, but I forgot my sharpie! Well, five signatures is better than I'm happy. I will never forget this experience, especially because the celebrities' names are right on my guitar!  

Janrey Javier

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