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Sierra Jamir

Founder of PinoyJeep
&   PinoyJeep Blogger

Hey Y'all!

I decided to start PinoyJeep a year and a half ago when I found out the IP Rondalla would be going to the Philippines on its 2013 tour. Since then, I’ve covered over 100+ articles on IP Rondalla, Aetas, Chocolate Hills, Cheez Whiz, Pasko, performances and other various topics. To be honest, keeping up with the blog has been tough, seeing as each week is filled with a plethora of Filipino events, but the experience is absolutely worth it!

Now, a little bit about me: I grew up most of my life in New England or in places where there frankly aren't any Filipinos. But I guess that makes me more Filipino, right? I like to say I speak Tagalog (I watch Eat Bulaga everyday if that means anything!) and Japanese. I have various interests, but I’m most passionate about community outreach in the US and Asia. If I’m not at IP, I’m either planning a cultural event, singing karaoke or, on occasion, enjoying a meal at Jollibee in NYC. Yummy! Because of my love for Pinoy food, I'll be majoring in Food Science (surprise! surprise!) so I can developing sustainable foods in Southeast Asia. Don’t be shocked when you see “Sierra’s Coconut Water” in groceries near you!

You may know not all Pinoy experiences are the same. While in California or Hawai’i, you can literally hear Tagalog wherever you go, in New England, well...let’s just say we have to work a little harder. Nonetheless, I want you to know that we're just a bunch of teenagers with hearts full of Pinoy Pride and a (Pinoy)Jeep(ney) that can take you on a rugged yet memorable roller-coaster ride! Tayo Na!


Miguel Zialcita 

PinoyJeep Blogger 

Greetings Folks!

One of the reasons I’ve decided to join this publication, is to write about a community that sincerely means to me. Growing up Filipino-American, my parents have always kept me exposed to the different circles of Titos and Titas. I have befriended their kids, some of whom I consider cousins. I’ve tried all the foods, which Tita so persistently offers to “hab some more”.

I see myself on a simple mission: to provide a voice for our network of Boston-based Filipinos.

But anyway, you’re probably wondering who’s that handsome man in the photo? Well, I’m proud to claim that that’s my face. I have a multifarious range of interests, but I’m most passionate about entrepreneurship and politics; in fact, a dream of mine includes operating my own business. My friends say I’m preppy, and speaking of, my favorite sport is lacrosse. While the style of most Filipinos are street-urban, I’m quite the opposite. I’m a minority within the minority. But that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of big things right? Barack’s our president!

Carsyn Fisher 

PinoyJeep Blogger 

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be writing blog posts for PinoyJeep, because being a Filipino-American is an important part of how I identify myself, and writing is one of my passions.

Daughter of a Filipino immigrant, I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and have never had the opportunity to visit the Philippines, but Filipino culture still remains a strong aspect of my home life because I live with my Lola (grandmother) and there's always Filipino food in my house. In addition, I attend a Filipino cultural school every other Sunday, where I was first introduced to the Filipino community as a younger kid.  It's like having a second family.  From this blog, I hope to share my pride in being a part of this Filipino family and discuss the Filipino culture in New England. I hope to soon travel to the Philippines, and I would love to do a mission trio there sometime!

I attend an all-girls high school about 45 minutes from Boston, and honestly I love it. In school, I love history and English. I would love to study law, journalism or political science in the future. Outside of school, I spend most of my time running (3 seasons of cross country & track), reading (I live precariously through literature), and eating (I'm Filipino, what did you expect?).  I love reading about current events, gardening, traveling, playing sudoku, playing with my dog, and wearing plaid.  I'm a sophomore, older sister, vegetarian, and proud feminist. And I can't wait to have more adventures on PinoyJeep!

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