Sunday, February 9, 2014

2O13 Palaro Olympics!

Aaron plays sipa (cred: Tita Patty)
Pa Pa Pa Palaroooo 
Wooohoooo ! \(^_^)/

Hi, I'm Avi, and I am a senior student at IP.

This year, we had an early Palaro games for the Sochi Olympics that just began a few days ago. So, two weeks ago, many of us dressed up in different colors to represent the five different teams: pula (red), puti (white), bughaw (blue), verde (green) and dilaw (yellow). Nolen headed the games. 

2O13 IP Caroling! Thank You!

Hey PinoyJeep Bloggers,

This is Avi, an IP student and an IP caroler!
Sleigh bells ringing, carolers singing
its that time of year.

During Christmas time, Carolers and rondalla performers are requested at several households to sing. The IP Christmas Carolers, who consist of IP parents, alumni, and students, are more than happy to sing upon the requests. Practices begin in September and continue each month until the days of presenting begins. We also perform with the IP Rondalla!
IP Carolers getting ready to sing!