Monday, July 29, 2013

July 9th: St. Bridget College - Aaron

Aaron: Aaron's Tagalog Lesson

At my stay at the St. Bridget College, the students took us on a tour around the campus. I walked with my good friend Jaeryen and two of the students. They tried helping us with our Tagalog. However, my Tagalog still needed a lot of work. It was really fun socializing with the other students but it was very hard to understand them because they were not really good at speaking English (just joking...they're good but my brain was still asleep).

Speaking Tagalog is very difficult to do in my opinion. I would have to deal with less trouble if I had my book...can't find it at the moment. The "Conversational Tagalog" book helps me understand Tagalog better, but since I don't have it, I am probably going to have a hard time understanding. Bye… That's it ~ Aaron
The conversational Tagalog book that Aaron
was referring to. It was part of the welcome package
provided to IP Rondalla kids. 

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