Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 14th: Cecile, a Loboc Children's Choir Member!

Me and Karina!
Hello, Victoria!
Oh hello George ;)

On July 14th, the IP Rondalla performed for my group, the Loboc Children's Choir, and my parents in the conference hall of our town. They were very amazing, especially when they played their modern songs -- "Marry You" and "Just Give Me a Reason." It was AWESOME. My favorite was their last number, "Mag Exercise Tayo Tuwing Umaga" by Yoyoy Villame. It reminded me of Bohol. My mother was amazed to hear such beautiful music coming from their rondalla instruments. Although she is from Manila, she had never heard these songs played outside of orchestras. The members of IP Rondalla are very friendly and easy to be with.
Thank you for the beautiful music, you guys rock! \m/

Cecile Poquita,
A Loboc Children's Choir Member

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