Thursday, July 31, 2014

There's No Place Like Lowell

The IP Lowell Crew after a long weekend on the job! Good Job, everyone! (Photo courtesy of Tita Patty)

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The following post was written by Miguel, who will be joining our blog:

It’s that time of year! With the dates July 25 to 27 circled on your calendar, there’s no escaping the Lowell Folk Festival. It’s an integral part of your experience as an IP student (Lowell to IP is like Mecca to Muslims), or parent for the matter, and isn’t that way without reason. Lowell is vital to our school’s funds and is the culmination of scrupulous planning, management and effort. In a way, Lowell has become an entity of its own, requiring our utmost care and attention.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

PAMAS 2O14 Scholarship Awards

Avi with the Santos Family holding her award
Sierra with the Harold Family and her award

Hi PinoyJeep Readers,

Last week on Sunday, PAMAS (The Filipino-American Association of New England) held its annual scholarship night, this year, awarding Avi and I scholarship for our dedication to higher excellence and for helping the Filipino-American community here in Massachusetts. Tita Lidy Chan, the President of PAMAS, hosted the event and Alpha Miguel-Sanford, assistant headmaster of Randolph High School, was the keynote speaker for the night, who spoke extensively as to how Filipinos and even pancit can be "remarkable" if put to good use. Avi received the Angelito & Esther Santos Family Scholarship Award and I received the Harold Hofman Scholarship Award, funds that will be used wisely for college! The ceremony was then followed by dancing (of course) and eating and chatting. Typical of a Filipino party. Of course. For those Filipino-Americans who will be entering senior year, if you would like to be recognized for your work in the Filipino community and want a little cash reward for your college endeavors, apply for the PAMAS Scholarship! It's easy and worth it! Click here to visit the PAMAS website for more information.

Sierra Jamir

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Year Anniversary: Continuing the Filipino Spirit at Home

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I can't believe that exactly a year ago, the members of IP Rondalla began their departure to the United States after a three-week tour around the Philippines. After visiting Manila, San Pablo, Bicol, Cebu, Bohol, Batangas, Bataan, Diliman and Los BaƱos, these Fil-Ams returned home, refreshed, renewed and excited to share their wonderful experiences with their friends at home.