Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 12th: Gerry Returning Home - Lunch in Zambales

My face is out of focus, but that's because my Lola decided to pull out a birthday cake and sing happy birthday
for all the years I hadn't been back home! (Cred: Tito Manny)

Hi, I'm Gerry and I'm a sixteen year old incoming junior at Boston Latin School. I am one of the four guitarists in the IP Rondalla. 

It's been nine long years since I've been to the high standing tower that is my lola's (grandma's) house. My arrival was quiet memorable, seeing my lola dressed in a Filipiniana (formal Filipino attire) and a large banner suspended on the wall saying, "Welcome Iskwelahang Pilipino Rondalla". We were all welcomed individually by my beautiful grandma. Everybody fell in line for food while I visited the house where I spent my summers for three consecutive years during my childhood. I noticed that practically everything had gone untouched except for the newly framed portraits of my family in the living room and the additional pictures of my baby cousins in the glass cabinets in the basement. Still reminiscing, I visited the many guest rooms, including the one in which I had spent so many of days looking out the window to see monkeys in trees and the chicken farms in our neighbor's backyard. It was a very nostalgic moment to visit a house full of numerous, unforgettable memories. 

By the time I got back outside, I was ready to start eating. I was already famished by the time we arrived. I gather all my food from the buffet-styled food line, and began to feast. Mid-meal, I hear a group of people screaming and laughing. Of course I had to check what it was. It was the worst possible thing that could ever happen. My grandma was showing my baby pictures. I tried and tried to make her stop, but my efforts were to no avail.

Finally we were all on our way to the mall, where we would perform.


Gerry's Lola (Gerry's grandma) greet IP Parents on their way to the buffet line for a sumptuous lunch prepared by the
Lipomano and Paradela families.

Gerry's relatives sharing meal and exchanging memories around the dining table.

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