Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cars, Trains...continued

Well Pinoyjeep blog followers, 

After seeing the unique, the exotic and the weird, I'll show you some native, fun and out-of-this-world transportation. Let's start with my favorite...the symbol of Philippine industriousness, strength and patience, the loveable -- carabao or "kalabaw" (Asian water buffalo). Not only is the carabao the Filipino farmer's best friend and uncomplaining co-worker in the rice fields. It is also a vital and reliable transportation mode, especially in the far-flung provinces...or beach resorts, where we went.

We got to ride the carabao when we visited Villa Escudero after our performance at San Pablo City. The ride was a slow but smooth as if expressing -- hey, you're on vacation, relax and smell the flowers. I loved it. Madonna's (the name of our kalabaw) slow, steady stride allowed us to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the sing along with the musician that accompanied our ride.

Carabao driven cart at the Villa Escudero compound.

Close-up view of Madonna, our carabao host, assessing the weight of the IP Rondalla folks boarding her cart.
Ungaaaaaa, ungaaaa, ang tatabaaaaaa ;o)

"Madonna" our gracious carabao ride taking us from the entrance of Villa Escudero to the buffet area by the waterfall.  

Talking about animal-pulled transport vehicles. In days past, prior to the advent of motorized vehicles, the most common mode of transportation in the Philippines (as elsewhere in the world) are horse-pulled carts or carriages. The Philippines inherited the Spanish the caromata and caruaje, but as always, Filipinos also developed the practical karetela or kalesa as the common "tao's" public conveyance.

Sierra besides a caretta in Fort Santiago.
The elegant caruaje treating visitors to Fort Santiago with a ride around the historic site.

Guess what else I got to ride on during our brief sojourn in Asia?
Dumbo!  Well, this ain't exactly in the Philippines, but I just can't resist showing off my ride when I visited my friend Poupee in Thailand.

Sierra and friend, Poupee, enjoying the elephant ride on the streets of  the old city of Ayuthea.

As for my dad...well, what he really wanted was to ride on something out of this world. Can you guess what they are?

Sierra Jamir & Papa Toms (once again)

What a geek. Haha....Joke Lang. Kinda. ;)

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