Monday, July 29, 2013

July 9th: St. Bridget College - Ceci

High school students at St. Bridget College giving us a warm welcome song. 

Another successful rondalla performance at St. Briget College.
The nuns were surprised at how ecstatic their students were
with the IP Rondalla performance -- especially George!

Ceci: The friends I made at St. Bridget College

So, that was Aaron. And now it's me again! Yesterday we went to St. Bridget College. When we first arrived, a group of students serenaded us with their welcome song. Afterwards we checked out the auditorium and went to the stage to start blocking and rehearsing. As usual, the crowd loved Ewan/Marry You, Just Give Me a Reason, and the "heartthrob" of the rondalla, George.

Ceci and Lander, or may I say, the
person who made his profile pick
on Facebook a picture with Ceci!
Following the show, we had lunch with the students. Katrina and I ate lunch with Mickey, one of the students and his friends. At first it seemed like we had nothing in common. We listened to pop, such as One Direction, he listened to rock. However, we had a really good time and Mickey was really nice. He offered to buy us Japanese cakes and even sang "With a Smile" by the Eraserheads.

It was sad to leave. Before we left, Mickey taught Katrina and me a special handshake so that if we ever meet him again, we would remember each other. As I left, many students wanted to take pictures of me. It was surprising to see when we had wifi at the hotel that one of Mickey's friends even made a picture of myself and him as his profile picture on Facebook. In the end, we had a fun time at St. Bridget.
Peace ~ Ceci

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