Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! Maligayang Pasko!

Hello PinoyJeep Followers,

As you know, we got the idea to start PinoyJeep for the IP Rondalla Tour to the Philippines that happened a few months ago. While the tour is long over, we're still holding strong and posting along! And so on Christmas day, we'd especially like to thank you for the support you've given us throughout these few months to even make it this far. I know I've repeated myself several times this year, but honestly, we wouldn't be here without you!

So to share our love for all of you on Christmas day, here are a few photos I've been meaning to post for a while now (but of course due to college apps, school work, and just the mere volume of work I have at the moment, I've been a little always). I would have also loved to share with you pictures of me pigging out on Christmas paella, caldereta, and glazed ham, and singing (quite badly) to a few OPM songs, but I think it's best none of you see anything too embarrassing at the moment, especially while our stomachs are still trying to digest everything we've seen today. Instead, here are pictures I know you'll enjoy of a familiar school we all know halfway around the world... Merry Christmas and Maligayang Pasko!

Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School (BBES)

Many donations have been made to make the Drum & Lyre band a successful activity for the Aeta students of BBES. Pictures is one girl who received a lyre from a generous donor.

Sheryl Garcia (center) holding her lyre and
standing next to Teacher Raffy and her mother, Shirley Garcia

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

October & November Performance Updates!

Hey PinoyJeep Followers,

Today while walking back home, I stopped to take the picture below. My golly gee! Once it reached 3 o'clock, the snow has not stopped! I (foolishly) decided to wear sneakers today, and by the time I reached the door, I could barely feel my feet because they were soaked in snow! I'll definitely wear my waterproof boots next time. Unfortunately, unlike in the Philippines, I can't just wear flip-flops and sandals anymore. Oh well...