Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 10th: Precious Gem

Nathan -- the unofficial spokesperson for Precious Gem Academy welcoming the IP Rondalla.

Today, we're back in Manila. We woke up early to visit Precious Gem Academy in Quezon City. There, we were treated to a sumptuous Filipino breakfast complete with tuyo (salty, dried sardines). Knowing me, I had quite a few pieces of tuyo, and unfortunately, my mouth smelled pretty fishy. Luckily, I had some gum to chew off the stench.

It was very warm and humid. You could see sweat perspiring down some of the boy's shirt, but we plodded on with renditions of "Ewan/Marry You" and "Just Give Me a Reason." The crowd of elementary school went wild. The kids also performed for us a version of "Ang Pipit," complete with their bird costume!

Everybody had fun dancing to the tune of "Gentlemen" by Psy. It was hit, even with the rondalla boys and the children's parents.

                                       -- Sierra "Psy" Jamir

Precious Gem grade schoolers singing and acting out the song "Ang Pipit."
Notice their "bird outfit" with feathers meticulously made out of paper.
Precious Gem kids watching intently the IP Rondalla performance despite
the day's intense heat and humidity.

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