Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 14th: Panglao Beach

You can't really see, but that's us all the way
in back! Don't worry, the water is pretty
shallow everywhere you swim.
Oh no! What are our parents doing?
Spying on us again?
I guess that's what parents are for. ;)

After a tiring but relaxing day around the island, we set off on our last excitement - the world-renown Panglao Beach.

It was very refreshing after a hot day of walking through the Chocolate Hills, performing with the Loboc Children's Choir, and seeing the tarsiers. Since the sun was coming down, all of us sat in the water while watching the sunset. It definitely was the best R&R day we've had so far. I thought the weirdest thing, though, was that we had to pay for no one showered at the beach...That's what you get when you're in the Philippines.

Marisa Pena

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