Saturday, September 21, 2013

Opening Day of Iskwelahang Pilipino

The Ilang-Ilang children waving their Filipino flags during the opening day of IP (photo courtesy of Tita Patty)
Hey Everyone,

The Iskwelahang Pilipino (IP) of Boston and the IP Rondalla opened its doors to a new year last Sunday on September 15th. It was great to see old and new faces all here to congregate at our abode in Bedford, MA.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nighty Night IP Rondalla!

Here are some oldie-moldies. I didn't want to keep them just to myself, as you will understand. ^^

There's definitely something to be said about sleep while touring. As in, you don't get much of it. From nights where "sleep" equals the three hours of shut-eye between heads to pillows at 11 PM to the 2 AM wake up call to mini siestas between shows, we try to get sleep when we can. That usually means while we travel! Check us out!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tree Planting: IP Rondalla and Bayan-Bayanan Drum & Lyre Band

Hello PinoyJeep followers,

Here are the tree planting pictures I promised you! Below are pictures of the trees and their respective placards that each have the name of one of the drum & lyre members and one IP Rondalla member. Since I last heard from the Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School Drum & Lyre band, the number of members had risen to 33 (and the number is still growing)! I believe all of them are Aeta students too!

Luckily, the newly planted trees were not too damaged by last month's Typhoon Maring, since we strategically planted them on a hill. Thanks to the teachers at the school, we'll try to get updates from them once in a while to see the growth of our plants. Perhaps in a few years when we return to the Philippines, the green land where we planted the trees might become a forest!  

Sierra Jamir

(note: Three trees are missing from this picture. Riandra's picture is posted twice as a filler...sorry about that.
We'll try to get those trees pictured posted later.)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School...

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, it has come to the time when your fellow IP Rondalla members must return to school. Yes, that means no more vacationing and probably not as many updates as you'd like. So very, very sad. Well, here are pictures of your fellow IP Rondalla friends at school doing things...not Rondalla related.

Karina at school chowing down on her lunch with some friends. Hmm...
what an interesting face you're making, Karina. ;)
Sarah F. graduating from high school! The picture's a little outdated,
but you get the point. High school is quintessential and tons of fun! 
Nathan and JR with the some IP boys, just "hanging out."
Y'know. They're cool.
Sierra looking oddly disgusted at her instant noodles. This is what happens
when you want a cheap snack at midnight and there's no microwave.
Nolen playing a rowdy game of the Ye Olde American Football...
'cause that's what we Americans do in America.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy NY Article

Children of Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School holding up their custom-made BKP-New York bags during a read-along

Children fully engaged during the
read-along session
Take a look at this article written by Bagong Kulturang Pinoy - New York:

Just last month, a box of books was sent to Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School in Dinalupihan, Bataan following the IP Rondalla Immersion Day to the school in July.  Some of the students at the school are "kulot" or "unat" Aeta children. The "unat" Aeta children are characterized by their straight hairs and mixed Aeta and Filipino origins. The "kulot" Aeta children, whose parents are both Aetas, are known for their distinct physical features - curly/kinky hair and dark skin. The "kulot", moreso than the "unat", have been denied the same rights to education, jobs, health care, etc., due to their physical appearances. Nonetheless, both "kulot" and "unat" Aetas face discrimination.

Thank you to Lorna, Co-founder of BKPNY, for supporting our cause and allowing for one large box of children's books to be shipped to their community in Bataan. This will surely not be the end of our relationship with the Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School.

Sierra Jamir

Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 18th: Sacred Heart, Fall River

Hey PinoyJeep followers,

Thanks for your views! I know the tour is long finished, but that doesn't mean we can't stop posting about Rondalla! 

On another note, this was supposed to be posted a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNGG time ago. Unfortunately, after spending too much time bathing in the Philippine heat, we've gotten accustomed to Filipino time. ;o)