Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 13th: We're in Bohol! A Photo Diary

Gerry and Tito Manny Paradela, on the plane to Bohol. Tito Manny looks tired, probably because he had to wake up at
2 am for this flight! Some people didn't even sleep the night before because they supposedly were swimming! 

Close-up of the tarsier necklace given
to us at the gate when we landed
A Boholana Dept. of Tourism greeter placing a tarsier necklace over Karl Zuelke's head at the airport arrival area. The
Philippine Department of Tourism is one of our major sponsors for this Visayan trip.
Our first Dept. of Tourism tour guide, JR, taking us through the city of Tagbilaran, capital of the province of Bohol.
Sign leading us to the Bohol Bee Farm, a place serving yummy, organic food all produced within the island

The IP Rondalla kids knee-dipping and enjoying the warm waters of the Visayan Sea at the docks of Bohol Bee Farm

After our performance at the Bohol Cultural Center, many of our instant adoring teenage fans came up
the stage to have a picture taken with us.

Posing with the governor of Bohol at his mansion after a quick rondalla rendition of traditional and pop songs.
He's one of the nicest and down-to-earth fellow we've met in this trip. His eco-tourism program for the province
of Bohol is commendable. Thank you very much for your hospitality.

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