Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Mission Statement

Hello Lovely Readers,

In light of our new direction, the staff at PinoyJeep have produced a mission statement, clearly defining our goals and purpose. Like any well-run organization, it's important to maintain some type of structure. The following can be found in the About Us page:
At PinoyJeep, our team of bloggers and participating writers engage in what it means to be Filipino. We share our perspectives of heritage through articles and submitted entries, at the same time discussing culture, history, and language. In addition, PinoyJeep strives to interact with Filipino communities based throughout the New England region. Our work includes reporting on local events and affairs, most notably Iskwelahang Pilipino and its Rondalla Ensemble. Finally, we encourage strengthening our relationships with Filipinos back home by community service. 

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