Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Kid on the Blog: Carsyn Fisher

As PinoyJeep continues to grow, we will be adding new perspectives, interests and ideas each and every week on all-things Fil-Am. One person who will make this happen is this girl. Welcome Carsyn, our third PinoyJeep Blogger! - SJ

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to be writing blog posts for PinoyJeep, because being a Filipino-American is an important part of how I identify myself, and writing is one of my passions.

Daughter of a Filipino immigrant, I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and have never had the opportunity to visit the Philippines, but Filipino culture still remains a strong aspect of my home life because I live with my Lola (grandmother) and there's always Filipino food in my house. In addition, I attend a Filipino cultural school every other Sunday, where I was first introduced to the Filipino community as a younger kid.  It's like having a second family.  From this blog, I hope to share my pride in being a part of this Filipino family and discuss the Filipino culture in New England. I hope to soon travel to the Philippines, and I would love to do a mission trip there sometime!

I attend an all-girls high school about 45 minutes from Boston, and honestly I love it. In school, I love history and English. I would love to study law, journalism or political science in the future.  International relations in particular interests me.  Outside of school, I spend most of my time running (3 seasons of cross country & track), reading (I live precariously through literature), and eating (I'm Filipino, what did you expect?).  I love reading about current events, gardening, traveling, playing sudoku, playing with my dog, and wearing plaid.  I'm a sophomore, older sister, vegetarian, and proud feminist. And I can't wait to have more adventures on PinoyJeep!


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