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PinoyJeep's Top 15 Filipino Desserts

Filipinos live and breathe food. It's all we talk about at parties and dinners, and desserts are no exception. To honor the Filipino love for sweets and candy, the PinoyJeep bloggers compiled a list of their top 15 Filipino desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

15. Cassava Cake

When you bite into this cake, your mouth will literally start craving for more. The rich, cassava dish is a favorite among Filipinos. I mean, it’s no surprise that every Filipino party we go to has this as one of their desserts!

14.  Leche Flan

This egg and milk-based custard topped with caramelized sugar will satisfy any sweet tooth. Perfect with coffee or milk.

13. Turon

Plantains wrapped in brown sugar and lumpia skin then deep fried. Oh yes. Sprinkle it with some caramelized sugar and you’ve got yourself heaven in a blanket.

12. Bibingka

Grate some cassava, add coconut milk, sugar, butter and cheese, bake it in banana leaves and ta-da! You’ve got Bibingka! Well...of course there's more to that. The soft, spongy flat cake, slightly charred on the surface and infused with flavor from the leaves makes this dessert desired among all Filipinos.

11. Suman

First, glutinous rice is cooked in coconut milk and then steamed in buli leaves, giving a uniquely balmy, chewy texture. The wrapping itself is an art than can be traced to pre-colonial roots. Definitely a true Filipino dish with some nasty (in a good way) flavors.


10. Tablea Tsokolate

This isn’t your typical Swissmiss from Stop & Shop. Tablea Tsokolate is made from the real tablea de cacao, a bittersweet, thick flat chocolate disk, a drink good in the morning with Pan De Sal.

9. Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

Now, it may not look appetizing, seeing as you have taro roots, sweet potato, tapioca and plantains floating in warm mixture of coconut milk, but it is so mouthwatering that it’s hard to resist. My favorite part is the big, gummy rice balls.

8. Puto bumbong

Puto is traditionally made from purple mountain rice, which is steamed in bamboo tubes and served with butter, panocha and grated coconut. There are numerous variations of this traditional dessert across the Philippines.

7. Ensaymada

Mmmmm...a bread roll topped with with sugar, butter and grated cheese. It’s a common cuisine from Spain, but of course, we Filipinos had to make it our own by adding cheddar cheese. During Christmas season, it's a tradition to top ensaymada with “queso de bola” and eat it with hot chocolate and strawberries.

6. Sans Rival

“Without Rival” because there ain’t no rival for this one! This Filipino dessert is caked with layers of buttercream, meringue and cashews. It may not be the healthiest dish there is, but it absolutely creamy and delectable. Thank the French for this unrivaled dessert.

5. Buko Pandan Salad

Ew! What’s that green goo? Okay, it may look like Aliens are taking over the world, but don’t worry, it’s completely harmless and addictively delicious! Green gelatin, green nata de coco, and milk make this delectable dish desirable.

4. Pan De Sal

A classic favorite of all Filipinos. When right out of the oven, the bread will literally feel like heavenly clouds. The brownish crust will open up to a soft, buttery center that is TO DIE FOR. If you’re ever in Manila, check out Pan De Manila. They make their breads fresh everyday.

3. Buko Pie

A Laguna favorite. Slices of fresh coconut pieces toppled with a warm, baked crust. While the coconut wars in Laguna (as recreated in the “Maglalatik” dance) are over, the war on which is the best buko pie continues in the province to this day.

2. Ube Cake

Don’t let the yam fool you. The funky, purple yam found in cakes and icecreams in Red Ribbon or Goldilocks lives up to its absurdity and flavor. Ube is surprisingly sweet, especially in signature cakes and pastries. While the root isn’t necessarily “healthy” when added with sugar and whipped cream, it’s astonishingly flavorful and why we rated it #2 on our list.

1. Halo Halo

Hands down, halo-halo is the best Filipino dessert there is. It’s crunchy, chewy, sweet and DE-LICIOUS. Halo-halo is made by crushing ice and adding spoonfuls of sugar, evaporated milk, colorful gellies, caramelized bananas, coconut, leche flan, ube ice cream and literally anything that has loads of sugar to make you jump off the walls. It’s a party favorite.

Thanks for reading the list! I know there are countless other Filipino desserts that aren’t on this list because there would just be too many to write about, but I hope you enjoyed savoring these sweets through your computer screen as much as we did. If you have any suggestions on foods you’d like us to feature, please comment below!

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