Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Look for a New Jeepney

Hey PinoyJeep followers,

Hope you love the new layout as much as we do! We still need to expel a few bugs, but for the most part, we hope you're dazzled by how our creative fingers pulled off something like this! We're revamping our outdated layout and adding a bit of flare to our design. Thumbs up?

With plenty of changes occurring before the inevitable first day of school and the cold, dreary nights that come with it, we're trying our best to make a new, striking image for "PinoyJeep" and prepare a great line-up of all-things Fil-Am while we're still free.

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p.s. If it weren't for the coding-half of it, I probably could pull off a sideline in graphic design, that is, unless you think this layout reeks of baby doodles and cave paintings...I hope you at least say cave paintings. That would be nice...

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