Friday, August 8, 2014

Meet Miguel, the New Guy!

We've had a number of feature writers over the few months PinoyJeep has been around, however, we have never had writers who are eager and determined enough to take full responsibility of becoming a regular PinoyJeep blogger! Meet my new sidekick, mi amigo, Miguel! - SJ

p.s. Also look for more info about our writers, Sierra and Miguel, in our "Meet the PinoyJeep Bloggers" page. 

Blogger #2 is on board!

Greetings Folks!

One of the reasons I’ve decided to join this publication, is to write about a community that sincerely means to me. Growing up Filipino-American, my parents have always kept me exposed to the different circles of Titos and Titas. I have befriended their kids, some of whom I consider cousins. I’ve tried all the foods, which Tita so persistently offers to “hab some more”.

I see myself on a simple mission: to provide a voice for our network of Boston-based Filipinos. Now I don’t plan on being some sort of glorified champion, screaming into a microphone and rallying the masses like Adolf Hitler, but as a steady presence, observing and reporting. In a way, I see myself in service to the community, utilizing my ability to write.

But enough of this “objective” talk. You’re probably wondering who’s that handsome man in the photo? Well, I’m proud to claim that that’s my face. I attend an all-boys school in Massachusetts, and the only girls I ever get so see are every two weeks (IP). I have a multifarious range of interests, but I’m most passionate about entrepreneurship and politics; in fact, a dream of mine includes operating my own business. My friends say I’m preppy, and speaking of, my favorite sport is lacrosse. While the style of most Filipinos are street-urban, I’m quite the opposite. I’m a minority within the minority. But that doesn’t mean I’m not capable of big things right?

P.S. Be prepared for the loads of propaganda I’ll be posting.


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