Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tree Planting: IP Rondalla and Bayan-Bayanan Drum & Lyre Band

Hello PinoyJeep followers,

Here are the tree planting pictures I promised you! Below are pictures of the trees and their respective placards that each have the name of one of the drum & lyre members and one IP Rondalla member. Since I last heard from the Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School Drum & Lyre band, the number of members had risen to 33 (and the number is still growing)! I believe all of them are Aeta students too!

Luckily, the newly planted trees were not too damaged by last month's Typhoon Maring, since we strategically planted them on a hill. Thanks to the teachers at the school, we'll try to get updates from them once in a while to see the growth of our plants. Perhaps in a few years when we return to the Philippines, the green land where we planted the trees might become a forest!  

Sierra Jamir

(note: Three trees are missing from this picture. Riandra's picture is posted twice as a filler...sorry about that.
We'll try to get those trees pictured posted later.)

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