Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School...

Hello Everyone,

Unfortunately, it has come to the time when your fellow IP Rondalla members must return to school. Yes, that means no more vacationing and probably not as many updates as you'd like. So very, very sad. Well, here are pictures of your fellow IP Rondalla friends at school doing things...not Rondalla related.

Karina at school chowing down on her lunch with some friends. Hmm...
what an interesting face you're making, Karina. ;)
Sarah F. graduating from high school! The picture's a little outdated,
but you get the point. High school is quintessential and tons of fun! 
Nathan and JR with the some IP boys, just "hanging out."
Y'know. They're cool.
Sierra looking oddly disgusted at her instant noodles. This is what happens
when you want a cheap snack at midnight and there's no microwave.
Nolen playing a rowdy game of the Ye Olde American Football...
'cause that's what we Americans do in America.

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