Friday, September 6, 2013

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy NY Article

Children of Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School holding up their custom-made BKP-New York bags during a read-along

Children fully engaged during the
read-along session
Take a look at this article written by Bagong Kulturang Pinoy - New York:

Just last month, a box of books was sent to Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School in Dinalupihan, Bataan following the IP Rondalla Immersion Day to the school in July.  Some of the students at the school are "kulot" or "unat" Aeta children. The "unat" Aeta children are characterized by their straight hairs and mixed Aeta and Filipino origins. The "kulot" Aeta children, whose parents are both Aetas, are known for their distinct physical features - curly/kinky hair and dark skin. The "kulot", moreso than the "unat", have been denied the same rights to education, jobs, health care, etc., due to their physical appearances. Nonetheless, both "kulot" and "unat" Aetas face discrimination.

Thank you to Lorna, Co-founder of BKPNY, for supporting our cause and allowing for one large box of children's books to be shipped to their community in Bataan. This will surely not be the end of our relationship with the Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School.

Sierra Jamir

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