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August 18th: Sacred Heart, Fall River

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On another note, this was supposed to be posted a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNGG time ago. Unfortunately, after spending too much time bathing in the Philippine heat, we've gotten accustomed to Filipino time. ;o)

Brooklyn New York's FAME Rondalla Ensemble
Ooooo...look at the table of food!
Two weeks, ago on Saturday the 18th, we were invited to perform at the Sacred Heart Church in Fall River, MA. After Mass, all attendees congregated in the basement of the chapel for a feast and performance by us, the IP Rondalla, and a visiting rondalla group from New York! This was one of our first experiences performing with another Rondalla group from America. 

In line for some yummeh food! 
Aformentioned, the afternoon began with the feast. The line was pretty long, as you can imagine. Almost 50 people filed in line, including the rondalla members and the guests, waiting for the scrumptious lechon. 

Hmmm....reminds me of the Philippines. Then, after most people received their meals, the show began.

First, the New York Rondalla ensemble performed a few modern songs. This group is known as the Filipino Arts and Music Ensemble (FAME), comprised of Filipino-Americans from Brooklyn, New York. It was interesting to see rondalla members of different ages performing for us. Although some of the students looked like they had just finished elementary school, while the older ones looked my age (not to say that I'm THAT old). Although they sat and read music when they performed, they still got the audience engaged in their music just as effectively.

The left-over IP Rondalla members sitting together
Next, it was our turn. Since we were on vacation, only half of our group was able to attend. Nonetheless, we got the audience on their feet with our music, playing the usual "Karaton", "Broadway Medley", "Sarungbanggi", "Maria Cristina" and others. Next, the FAME dance group (which is apparently the same group as their rondalla ensemble!) performed their version of Tinikling and Sakuting. As they switched to modern dances, we were surprised to see that their next dances were by the one and only Psy! It's like our performance at Precious Gem all over again! The older students danced to their own version of "Gangnam Style" and "Gentlemen".  Then, the younger kids did a cute dance to the tune of other popular pop songs. They were adorable! 

The night ended with some line all Filipino parties do and a few bye-byes. 

We'll see you again, Sacred Heart Church! Till next year!

Sierra Jamir

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