Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank you, Parents of IP Rondalla

IP Parents with Governor Edgardo Chatto and Tito Gardy Labad of Bohol: (Top left to right) Tita Janeth, Tita Sonia,
Tita Beth, Tita Nora, Tito Vince, Tita Lidy, Governor Chatto, Tita Lilibeth, Tita Cris, Tito Mabini, Tito Carl, Tita Bebs,
Tita Lalan, Tita Ning (bottom let to right) Tito Rey, Tito Tom, Tito Manny, Tito Jondi, Tito Gardy, and (missing from
the group picture) Tita Bing F. and Tita Bing B.

As we start to wrap up our thoughts on the IP Rondalla Rocks Tour, Karina and I decided to write a list of shout outs to all of our loving parents who made this trip possible. We cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for us. So in no particular order:

Thank you Tita Nora for keeping us in line when we didn't have our costumes set. And trying to clean our costumes in the shower when worse came to worst. And mothering everyone else before you're own child (haha I love you, Mama! ~K). Keeping our hair neat and tidy!

Tita Ning, you and your brother are two of the most generous people I have met. You helped fund some of our expenses in Bicol, which was so nice of you. If only Sorsogon had pulled through, I'm sure we would have one of the best experiences in our lives! 

We couldn't have done it without you, Tito Manny, our transportation head. I understand how stressful managing a group of 50 can be, but you pulled it off. Thank you also for our late night costume cleaning; we really wouldn't have smelled as good without you.

Tito Rey, I don't know how you and your wife do it, raising four kids, then bringing them all the way to the Philippines! Such a generous and thoughtful person!

Tita Janeth, you were tremendous help during both trips to Bayan-Bayanan. We appreciate your hard work and evident dedication for helping the needy. You will surely do well in the future.

Thank you, Tita Sonia, or my mother, for setting up four wonderful performances at PUP, UP Los Banos, CLSU, SM San Pablo, and an unforgettable immersion day at Bayan-Bayanan Elementary School with the Aetas of Bataan. I guess with these comments, I should also mention your sisters, Tita Mely and Tita Naty, who were the miracle workers on the other end. You three are my Charlie's Angels. Joke lang... ;)

To one of our nurses on this trip (and the only one through the second half of it!), thank you Tita Gina, for taking care of us when we were sick. Disease can be rampant in the Philippines, but we knew we were safe with you and your medicine kit! 

Thank you, Tito Karl, for your never ceasing to be positive and caring throughout this trip. Your comment to the Aetas about doing the tree planting was so touching, we gave you your own plant! We were also so surprised by your Tinikling skills!

Tito Vincent, thank you for agreeing to design a music room for San Pablo Central School. The kids will love it! Also, thank you also for being brave in attempting to dance the Tinikling.

Tita Beth, you are one of the nicest and most thoughtful parents I have ever met. Thank you for your help in the changing room when we needed an extra hand in between those ten minute intermissions! 

Tita Lalan, thank you for organizing our fundraisers and being one of the people in charge of the boys' costumes...and letting George be what he can be. 

From the Chocolate Hills to spinning around Mayon Volcano three times, Tita Lilibeth, thank you for giving us the opportunity to travel to Cebu, Bohol, and Bicol! It was a blast!

With the help of your sister, Tita Girlie, Tita Bebs, you made our tour a Philippine sensation! Thank you for Resorts World and all of those guest appearances you set up that made "Rondalla Rocks" a hit! We owe you for the publicity.

Tito Jondi, you are the mastermind of our sound systems. It wasn't always easy in the Philippines, but somehow or another, you made it work.

Tita Lidy, for taking care of the accounting on this trip. You saved us a ton of scrambling! 

Tita Bing F., thank you for your dedication to making your children happy. I know it was difficult bringing three children and your sisters, but you did it! 

Although your time with us was short lived, Tita Bing B., thank you so much for your company. You were a great person to talk to on the bus, and I can tell you care very much about your children and will take any vacation to travel with them on tour!

Tito Tom (or my papa) who basically took two all nighters with me to get this blog where it is now. Without your nasty edits and superb pictures, my posts would not have been up to par. We got more than 8,000 views (and it's still growing!). I owe you a ton, dad. (- SJ) And also for assessing the situation wherever IP Rondalla may be, providing us with background history and geography, and always taking the initiative to make sure our performances go smoothly.

The "youngest" member of the IP Rondalla, Tito Mabini, thank you for being our one and only bass player "par excellence." I am honestly so impressed by your energy and humor all the time!

Thank you Tita Cris, for always being there with us through thick or thin...and honestly for everything. You will always, always be the backbone of Iskwelahang Pilipino & the IP Rondalla. You are an inspiration to all.

Although not one of the parents, we owe a big debt of gratitude to Tita Christi Anne, our IP Rondalla Musical Director, composer, conductor, arranger, task master, ate, tita, and friend. Frankly, the 2013 IP Rondalla Philippine Tour would not have been a success without your hard work, leadership and quiet dedication. Thanks so much. We all love you!

And last but not least, thank you to all of the IP parents who cheered us the whole way in America! We really appreciate your support!

Sierra & Karina

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