Thursday, August 1, 2013

July 17th: Bicol - St. Agnes Academy

A fully packed auditorium of students from St. Agnes Academy for our final performance of the tour!
Today we went to St. Agnes Academy to perform for elementary, high school, and college students. This was our last performance, a very emotional ending to our two-and-a-half week tour. It is hard to believe that I have been with this group for this long. I am going to miss chilling out with my friends, Janrey, Gerry, George, Nolen, Nathan, Aaron, and JR (I'll miss him the most). Right before our last show the "bro bros" worked together to practice a new song so Janrey would finally have the spotlight in our little skit. Right after Ewan, we would have the song, "What Makes You Beautiful" by Wrong Direction (we weren't going in the Right Direction) where Janrey would sing. Then Nolen would grab the mic and continue with the next song, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. It was quite the bonding experience, practicing with the bros for this last performance and incorporating this one last song for Janrey. After we finished, all my friends, including the girls and our teachers, came together for our last pulse (a ritual we do before each big performance), said a few prayers, and went on stage for the last time. 

A girl leaping up to hug George after he gave her one of his flowers

Nathan the Giant! Beware!
We followed the usual program, doing the choreography, skits, and singing. The audience was really enthusiastic especially this time because George gave out five flowers instead of his usual one. The boys did their song with the new addition while the girls performed, "Just Give me a Reason," with the saxophone player, Ron. Ron was a cool and down to earth person and seemed to be everywhere we went. At the end of the performance, we were led by students to eat lunch on the second floor of the school. It was air conditioned unlike the stage where I was sweating a lot.

After lunch, we went on a Jeepney ride to see the steeple of a church that had been covered by lava from a previous Mayon volcano eruption. There, some of us rode ATVs for the first time. It really helped show how people drive. Janrey in particular is an aggressive driver. He fell off the trail into a neighboring river. It was awesome! Later that day, we went to eat dinner at the capitol (courtesy of the mayor) where we celebrated Jaeryn's and Tita Lalan's birthday. There was cake and everything set out for them. I hoped they had a great birthday, despite us, kids, feeling tired. Before the group went to sleep, we all decided to go night swimming. It was a great last day with the whole group. We will be flying out tomorrow. This is the time when we go our separate ways. Some are going home to their family's provinces while others will be staying behind in Bicol. Some unfortunate ones like me (jokes) will be heading back to Manila for one more day of touring...I miss them already. Thank you Dr. Sy for making our stay here in Bicol a worthwhile one. Thank you for making this trip a great one. It has definitely been a fulfilling two days with you.

See you soon,
JR Fadrigalan

IP Parent, Lilibeth Aristorenas (right), watches joyously as the IP Rondalla members enter onstage for the last time
Several students of St. Agnes perform before the audience a wonderful rendition of popular Filipino dances
Nolen coming out to the audience for the last
time during the boy's song, "Marry You"
Girls hiding their giggles after Nolen passed by to give a big wave

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