Monday, August 19, 2013

Flooding in Dinalupihan

Hey Pinoy Jeep Blogger!

I hope our Bayan-bayanan kids are not affected by typhoon Maring's floodings. Remember Mayor Gila Garcia? She is being interviewed here regarding her town, Dinalupihan, Bataan. For the sake of IP and the kids of the Bayan-Bayanan Drum & Lyre Marching Band, I hope our trees aren't drowning in the flood! I haven't even had time to post everyone's plant yet! I also hope our Aeta kids are safe and sound and that the school isn't too harmed by this disaster. This typhoon has devastated much of central and northern Luzon. Cavite, the province my father is from, is completely flooded.

Let's just hope nothing more will come of this.

Sierra Jamir


  1. Dear Sierra,

    We went to Dinalupihan, Bataan en route to Mariveles to meet Teacher Raffy and the costume-maker of the Drum and Lyre Corps (DLC), and give the down payment for the costume. However, we were not able to enter the municipality due to chest deep floods at the main road/highway and also along the road leading to Barangay Bayan-Bayanan. Also, we were not able to proceed to Mariveles as the highway (highway to Balanga City and Mt. Samat) was not passable due to floods, and that the government offices there were suspended very late already. We saw SCTEX like 2 big lakes on both sides you could not see any rice fields and nipa huts. We used SCTEX because the shorter highway to Dinalupihan via San Fernando City was flooded with heavy traffic and many vehicles stalled.

    We were about to return early this morning to Dinalupihan and Mariveles but weather condition has not improved. Typhoon depression Maring is moving too slowly almost stationary, and estimated to be outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility by Thursday or Friday according to weather forecasters.

    We will try to go again tomorrow if weather condition permits, or on Sunday. Karissa needs to complete her documentation and interview to finish her thesis in Mariveles. Having seen the waters all over NLEX and SCTEX and Dinalupihan submerged by floods, I am certain that there are a lot of affected families in Bayan-Bayanan. Hopefully the trees we planted are still there, and the families and children are safe. If the roads are passable tomorrow or Sunday, we will try to take pictures of the devastation there.

    Here in Metro Manila, there are floods everywhere with major roads/routes not passable. Kuya Jun's family and the neighborhood living near the Marikina River may have already evacuated to higher grounds because the river already breached the 17 meters' mark, which is alert 3 for evacuation. It's a good thing your Philippine Tour ended when this typhoon depression happened. There are no classes all levels and offices in Metro Manila and nearby provinces heavily affected - Cavite, Rizal, some parts of Laguna, Bataan, Zambales, Pampanga, Bulacan.

    Okay, I will email updates after we are able to go to Dinalupihan anytime that good weather condition permits.

    Tita Naty

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