Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Southeast Asian Club performs the Tinikling!

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to tell you about a fabulous multi-cultural event that happened at my school a few days ago.

Last weekend was my school's annual International Fest Night. As the head of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Club on campus, I rallied a ton of my friends to help out with cooking, serving, modeling for the fashion show, and performing during the talent show that night. Our club cooked some scrumptious empanadas and Thai coconut soup for the food bazaar (after several trials in the kitchen), and we got the crowd to gaze in awe at our gorgeous costumes.

Fashion from across the globe all on one stage
However, I think everyone in the audience would agree that the most entertaining event that night was the annual talent show! To commemorate SEA Club's second year on campus, I decided to teach my clubs members the one and only tinikling dance from the Philippines! Boy, we worked on that song for waaaaay too long, but you've got to give them lotsa credit. None of the dancers are Filipino! For three weeks, my Indonesian, Singaporean, Chinese, Mexican and white friends struggled with me to figure out how to choreograph the tinikling dance for this performance. Nonetheless, with a little push from the audience and a few swollen ankles afterwards, they did it...and they did it quite well.

Enjoy our video of success ;)

Sierra Jamir

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