Sunday, October 27, 2013

BKP New York & Massachusetts Charity Events!

BKP - New York - Laughs for Literacy 3

Sierra saying her speech about the Aetas at
the Comedy Club
On Saturday October 12, my parents and I went to New York City to attend a BKP - New York fundraising event. BKP-NY's Laughts for Literacy 3 was held at the Greenwich Comedy Club in Greenwich Village (near NYU if you're not familiar with the city). Air Tabigue hosted the event, inviting several comedians to the stage, such as Dan Ramos, Roberto Garcia, Pete Isip, Ryan Dacalos and Rich Kiamco. Since most of the comedians were Filipino, I had a crack laughing at their jokes about Filipino parents, Filipino accents, and simply, Manny Pacquiao. I could tell that they definitely animated the audience with their Filipino and not-so-Filipino jokes too.

Right before the show at Greenwich Village
Before the performance, however, I was busy making my script...No, I did not tell any jokes. I'm probably the worse person to ask if you're hosting a comedy show...but I did have to start the show with a little speech about BKP and the IP Rondalla's visit to the Aetas of Bataan. Was I nervous? Definitely. But after a few seconds on stage, the fear was gone as I introduced to the audience the impact their books bring to kids in the Philippines.

Overall, the evening went by nicely. A few people after the show came up to me to ask about how they could help. Know that people do take into consideration our mission, I felt unbelievably thankful to be with this organization. Thank BKP - NY for letting me be a part of this community! And thank you Lorna for allowing me to take your spot on stage! ;)

BKP - Massachusetts - Charity Dinner

The DJs of Bagong Kuturang Pinoy! 

Some of you IP folks were here last week to witness BKP - MA's charity dinner in Wakefield, MA. Unlike New York's small, intimate setting, this large event brought in people from all over the Greater Boston Area. Many dressed up in their halloween costumes, such as dressing up as a Russian man, magician, Little Bo Peep, and my favorite, Darna, Crispin from Noli Me Tangere by Jose Rizal! (She later wins best costume among the grown-ups.)

Along with the tasty buffet-style dinner and Filipino-style dances, BKP's founder Rowena Jimenez talked to us about BKP's mission. Each table was given a BKP newsletter. Then in our tables, we were asked to play a few games dealing with the newsletter to learn more about the organization. Of course, sitting with my IP friends, we could barely compete with other groups that had a few BKP board members.
The night ended with more dancing, which in Filipino terms, means line dancing. Yes, we love our line dancing and we love our DJs.

Sierra Jamir

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