Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Year Anniversary: Continuing the Filipino Spirit at Home

Hi PinoyJeep Readers!

I can't believe that exactly a year ago, the members of IP Rondalla began their departure to the United States after a three-week tour around the Philippines. After visiting Manila, San Pablo, Bicol, Cebu, Bohol, Batangas, Bataan, Diliman and Los Baños, these Fil-Ams returned home, refreshed, renewed and excited to share their wonderful experiences with their friends at home.

Since the tour, we've continued to represent our Filipino identity in America through our love of music and family. Since we haven't posted anything recently, here are some pictures of the IP Rondalla thus far and, for kicks, some throwbacks from our memorable IP Rondalla Rocks! Tour. Thank you, readers, for continuing to make PinoyJeep a success.

Dear friends in the Philippines, if you have any photos or personal stories that have to do with the IP Rondalla Rocks! Tour or other Filipino events that you would like to share with the community, feel free to e-mail them to Sierra Jamir at sierrajamir@gmail.com.We are happy to share your stories online! 

Southeast Asian Fiesta at Phillips Andover

Left: Tito Manny, Tita Rose and Tita Naty standing by the Lechon served during the Second Annual Southeast Asian Fiesta at Andover Philippines. Above: The Angkor Dance Troupe from Lowell, IP Rondalla and the SEA (Southeast Asian) Club at Phillips Academy. The Cambodian Angkor Dance Troupe and the Rondalla performed during a joint event to celebrate the diversity of Southeast Asian countries during this one event. Very exciting performance and buffet! 

IP Rondalla Recital in June

Top Left: The IP Rondalla members new with some new faces! All groups performed during this event, playing songs, such as "Ako Ay Pilipino", "Bahay Kubo", "Mabuhay", "Kalesa", "Pilipina" and more! Top Right: George and our new bassist, Jaenald, playing "Kalesa". Bottom: Tita Cris, founder and previous director of the IP Rondalla speaking after receiving a honorary plant from the Rondalla teachers.

                           Philippine Independence Day in Boston

IP Rondalla members during Philippine Independence Day in Boston waving their Filipino flags! Happy Birthday, Philippines! Mahal Kita! (Photos courtesy of Tita Patty)

2014 Iskwelahang Pilipino Graduation

Say "Hello" to this year's Iskwelahang Pilipino graduates, Avi, Nolen, Sierra and Julian for your many years of service as IP members and proud Filipino Americans. Good Luck in college and beyond!

Blast From the Past...

Throwbacks from the IP Rondalla Rocks! Tour

UP Los Baños Performance

Saint Agnes Academy, Bicol Performance 

Polytechnical University of the Philippines (PUP) Performance

Loboc Children's Choir in Bohol

After Resorts World Manila Performance 

SM Mall in San Pablo City with PPP School

Villa Escudero next to the waterfall on a rainy day

 Eat Bulaga! Special Performance

Performance at Central Luzon State University

Performance in Tagbilaran, Bohol Cultural Center

Until we meet again, Pilipinas.

Sierra Jamir
The PinoyJeep Blogger

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