Sunday, February 9, 2014

2O13 Palaro Olympics!

Aaron plays sipa (cred: Tita Patty)
Pa Pa Pa Palaroooo 
Wooohoooo ! \(^_^)/

Hi, I'm Avi, and I am a senior student at IP.

This year, we had an early Palaro games for the Sochi Olympics that just began a few days ago. So, two weeks ago, many of us dressed up in different colors to represent the five different teams: pula (red), puti (white), bughaw (blue), verde (green) and dilaw (yellow). Nolen headed the games. 

I was captain of the Pula team, so I was in charge of volunteering my teammates to participate in the events. There was this one 8 year-old little girl who was experiencing her second day at IP. She was shy and nervous, but I persuaded her to try one of the jumping games. Although reluctant, she followed me up to play the game. She had to jump over hands. I told her to pretend she was a jumping bean. A smile began to form as she began jumping. I cheered her on until her turn was up. Just like many of the kids who finished their game, she was smiling as she walked back to our corner.

Luksong Tinik (credit: Tita Patty)
I enjoy seeing everyone smile during the games, especially the little kids. As the competition brewed everyone becomes hungry to win, which is a little nerve racking. It was this little girls second day at IP and she was definitely nervous. But after that jumping game, she euphorically volunteered herself to participate in the relay race and other events. We had a few cheater (ehem...), but of course, it was all about the fun fun fun!  I can tell the girl had fun and so did we. 

Unfortunately, my team ended up tying with yellow for third place. Puti ended up winning the event with Bughaw trailing a few points behind. Verde came in last. 

At the end all teams got candy. I love how the little kids eager faces lit up when they happily grab candy from the box I was holding. 

Thanks IP, for a great start to Sochi!

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