Saturday, April 20, 2013

Phillips Academy Performance April 14th

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted something from the group!

Last weekend, the IP Rondalla was fortunate to have performed at my school, Phillips Academy, due to a generous grant given to us through the school's Catholic Student Fellowship (CSF). After a month of planning for the event with Dr. Kantor, the school's Catholic Chaplain and club advisor to the CSF, we were able to see the event come to life!

The event started off with a 35-minute Rondalla Performance in Kemper Auditorium. We played a repertoire of 12 songs ranging from traditional melodies, such as Karaton and Ba-Ingles, to more contemporary songs, such as Tango Por La Cabeza and Bruno Mars's Marry You. The audience loved our interpretation of the music and especially our attractive choreography that accompanied each song! In the end, we were asked for an encore, which we so happily accepted!

IP Rondalla Performance in Kemper Auditorium
Photo Credit: T. Jamir

Next was the fiesta co-hosted by CSF and Southeast Asian (SEA) Club. Maybe because of influx of Filipinos who attended, the dinner of roasted pig and Palabok, the Pineapple, banderita, and bamboo leaf-decorations, and the liveliness of the people, I actually felt like I had been transported to the Philippines! We probably had at least 150 if not 200 people attend the dinner!

The Men at the Halo Halo maker
photo Credit: T. Jamir
Line for Fiesta and Roast Pig!
Photo Credit: T. Jamir
From the front of Underwood
Photo Credit: T. Jamir
Serving Ladies Photo Credit: T. Jamir
Posing in front of SEA Fiesta Sign Photo Credit: S. Jamir

Mass continued after dinner with a few of the Rondalla members performing during this event, including myself. After Mass, all were treated once again to yummy Filipino snacks after mass.

Sierra Jamir

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