Monday, March 25, 2013

Welcome Aboard!

Hello Rondalla Bloggers,

Thank you for tuning in to Pinoy Jeep, IP Rondalla's student-run blogging website, giving you the entire insider scoop on our upcoming tour to the Philippines! My name is Sierra, and as a rondalla member myself, I take pride in sharing our experience with you, just as you have done by giving us this opportunity to travel.

Throughout the weeks leading up to the tour, a few of us, will be blogging to update you on the events, fundraisers, and other preparations for the trip. During the tour, we will try to provide you with regular updates as well. All blogs will be uniquely written and edited by students of IP Rondalla. (Sorry parents! Kids only!) They may blog on any aspect of their journey preparing or traveling to the Philippines, from practicing for a performance to riding a Jeepney for the first time. Other examples could be posting videos related to a student's experience, a student highlight, or a unique delicacy of a province that would be worth sharing. The possibilities are endless!

We are delighted by the support that Iskwelahang Pilipino, IP Rondalla, and so many other sponsors have given us to make this trip possible. You have touched us with your support, and a token of our gratitude, we give you this blog. So, on behalf of the Rondalla students, come join us on our Jeepney Ride!


Sierra Jamir

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